Good Day
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Good Day
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Olam Capital

As part of our work together with SLON Media, our team was asked to reimagine the world of logistics. To create attraction in something that was so far from the focus of the mainstream.
Olam Capital
Campaign Video
Brand Character Creation
Gosha Dolgun
Nika Sardaryan
Angelina Schiper
Veronika Kallaur
SLON Media (Partner)
Logistics is boring. Our goal with this campaign was to make it sexy and futuristic. During scripting, the team would quote our client… who gaves us great inspiration! “Logistics will get you laid!” or “Logistics today is like bitcoin in 2010!”
Most of the visuals of the campaign were built around the character featured in the video. It allowed the team to connect non-mainstream topics to a simple object such as a box. Relating the talking-box to logistics created a simple connection for people to remember.
At TT7 we analyzed the physics and capabilities of each machine and object drawn for the video. At times relying on the long years of experience from the clients side to match a more realistic vision of the future, spiced up by creativity and color.
Write Up

They went above and beyond, and wouldn't let us pay for extras that we felt we owed them for. They are very mindful of the long term relationship, and in turn we hope to send them lots of work for friends to keep them busy!

Damon Schechter
Founder of Olam Capital